Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Congo Global Action Structure


The founding members of Congo Global Action are committed to building the coalition and have created an organizational structure to advance its mission and implement its activities. The coalition structure will consist of an Executive Committee, a Steering Committee, an Advisory Committee, a working group for each of the three pillars, task oriented working groups, and Associate members. It is important to note that all working groups and committees are made up of volunteers from our member organizations and agencies. Their commitment to this coalition goes above and beyond the duties of their full-time jobs and is a tribute to how strongly Congo Global Action members feel about their work on the DR Congo. The committees and working groups are described below:

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the overall management of the coalition. It is made up of six (later nine) members who are truly passionate about this coalition and were elected democratically and unanimously. They will serve a nine-month term, up for re-election in July, 2007 or these positions will be taken over by paid staff and/or a formal Board of Directors.

The Executive Committee will be responsible for:

· Maintaining the vision and direction of the coalition;

  • Coordinating, overseeing and advising the working groups;
  • Outreach to coalition members and potential members;
  • Launching necessary additional working groups and tasks; and
  • Handling all fundraising, and financial and administrative oversight.

Executive Committee Members:

Chair: International Rescue Committee (Shannon Meehan)

Vice Chair: Coalition Pluraliste de Patriotes Congolais (Nita Evele)

Run for Congo Women (Lisa Shannon)

Africa Faith and Justice Network (Rocco Puopolo)

Friends of the Congo (Maurice Carney)

International Rescue Committee – Europe (HervĂ© deBaillenx)

Please see Annex C for background on the Executive Committee members.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee’s primary responsibility is to provide leadership and direction in the coalition’s efforts to achieve the three pillars as well as other activities. It is made up of those individuals who are dedicated to the coalition and willing to put in the time and effort to remain active in the coalition. Each pillar working groups has selected a chair and vice-chair to coordinate the activities.

Specifically, the steering committee will:

  • Create and draft the policy statements for the assigned pillar
  • Lead and coordinate the direction and activities of the three pillars;
  • Vet all public statements by the coalition;
  • Advise, lead and coordinate necessary additional working groups and tasks;
  • Create grassroots activities for community outreach; and
  • Participate in all biweekly Friday conference calls.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is made up of individuals who may not have the time to be part of the steering committee, but are available for consultation on projects concerning their areas of expertise and interest. These individuals represent the organizations that have full membership in the coalition. In particular, the committee members will:

  • Be available and responsive when approached by a member of the coalition;
  • Stay informed about issues affecting the DR Congo, and share our message at every opportunity; and
  • Authorize all public statements by the coalition.

Associate Members

These members are organizations and individuals, who strongly support the mission of Congo Global Action and who, for whatever reason, feel they cannot sign their name to coalition documents, statements, or activities, but are willing to provide behind-the-scenes advice, assistance and/or financial support for the efforts of the coalition.

Working Groups

In order to effectively accomplish specific goals in our advocacy for the DR Congo, coalition members have divided into six working groups. Working groups include representatives from organizations of all sizes and types. The complex messages they have created are informed by policy experts that will not only be used to target policy makers, but can also be adapted to be more accessible for grassroots mobilization. Each group meets regularly and has developed a set of goals and a plan of action for achieving those goals.

There is a working group for each of the three pillars:

  • Pillar I: Saving Lives
  • Pillar II: Keeping People Safe
  • Pillar III: Ending Economic Exploitation

These groups are responsible for creating and implementing the action plan for each pillar.

In addition, there are three task-based working groups:

· Media, Communications and Website. This group is currently designing the website and researching media possibilities.

· Grassroots Organizing. This group is currently planning grassroots activities for 2007 and creating downloadable tools for community activities.

· Hope for Congo Conferences Organizing. This group is responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of the three conferences.

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