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2007 Calendar Notes - DRAFT

Here's a brief outline of the plans for the year - this will be updated soon!


January 2007

Pillar 1: Meet with selected UN Security Council members (U.S., U.K. Belgium, France, South Africa) to push for 100% funding for 2007 Humanitarian Action Plan beginning in January 2007

Pillar 1: Meet with the Belgium Mission to the UN in New York in January 2007 when they assume a position on the UN Security Council to pressure funding for the Humanitarian Action Plan

Pillar II: Coordinate with the DC and NY working groups on a letter to the UN Security Council about MONUC

Pillar 3: Jan 20-28 World Social Forum in Nairobi. Meetings about Congo, do networking, outreach. Roxanne will do research on this.

Pillar 3: January 24-28 – Davos Economic Summit – World Economic Forum

January 24-28 AU Summit in Addis

February 2007:

Pillar 1: Write Press Releases, develop an on-line activism strategy, and initiate letter-writing campaign targeting U.S. Government offices following the release of the 2007 Budget in February

Pillar II: Ongoing work with DRC MONUC mandate. Possible Hill briefings with key representatives.

Pillar III: Global Witness film release

All Pillars:

Feb. 18 – Anniversary of new constitution

Feb. 9-12 Catholic Social Ministry Gathering – Washington, D.C.

March 2007:

Pillar 3: March 20 – Earth Day

All Pillars:

March 8 – International Women’s Day (Commission on the Status of Women event at UN in New York)

radio interest from WPFW in D.C.

March 9-12 – Ecumenical Lobby Days

All Pillars: March 21-22 Participate in Congo Global Action Grassroots European Conference

April 2007:

Pillar 3: April 8-13 – end of first100 days of new DRC government

Pillar 3: April 25 - Clean Diamond Trade Act Anniversary

May 2007:

Pillar 3: May 1 – Labor Day

All Pillars: May 13 – Mothers day

EU/African Troika day

June 2007:

Pillar 3: World Economic Forum on Africa in Cape Town – June 13-15

All Pillars:

June 2 – Global Mobilization day pre-G8

June 6-8 – G8

June 16 – Children’s day

June 21 – EU Heads of State meeting in Brussels

June 23 – Portland Run for Congo Women event

June 30 – Independence day

July 2007:

All Pillars: Participate in Congo Global Action Grassroots Africa Conference

G8 in Berlin

AU Summit in Accra

IASC Global Platform

ECOSOC Humanitarian Segment


October 2007:

Pillar 3: October 22-23 – World Economic Forum – U.S. CEO Roundtable – Washington, D.C.

All Pillars: Participate in Congo Global Action Grassroots U.S. Conference

UN GA First Committee

November 2007:

Pillar 3: Annual review of Kimberley process – EU chair, in Brussels

December 2007:

All Pillars: Dec. 10 - International Human Rights Day


Pillar 1:

Ø Write Op-Eds and newspaper articles for major media outlets alerting the public about the humanitarian conditions in D.R. Congo and urging support for humanitarian funding

Ø Develop on-line “Take Action” campaigns that permit citizens to contact their elected officials in support for funding for D.R. Congo

Ø Develop Post-Card Campaign targeting major donor nations to support the 2007 Humanitarian Action Plan

Ø Explore the creation of a rubber bracelet campaign (similar to Save Darfur) supporting humanitarian funding for the D.R. Congo

Ø Create and participate in grassroots events, prayer vigils, and interfaith events highlighting the plight of people in the D.R. Congo

Ø Coordinate all Pillar I activities with Pillar II & III working groups

Pillar 2:

Ø Contact the UN Security Council members through letters or Aria Formula urging a renewed mandate for MONUC;When does that need to be done – when is MONUC’s current mandate up? February

Ø End of Nov. /December Participate in grassroots activities aimed at educating the public worldwide (such as the “16 Days” campaign of 2007) about violence towards women and security concerns in the DR Congo.

Ø Work within the World Bank MDRP Structure to provide timely information about the DDR program and the inclusion or not of children;

Ø Work with organizations that have in-place awareness programs and school programs that educate children about land mines, accusations of child sorcery, and other child-related security concerns with a goal to disseminate the information nation-wide through the national school system;

Ø Contact male celebrities to record radio statements speaking out against rape to be played on Radio Okapi in the DR Congo;

Ø Hold an inter-faith dialogue to raise awareness about Gender-Based Violence in the DR Congo;

Ø Supply the Congo Global Action website with timely information about gender-based violence, child soldiers, and other security issues in the DR Congo;

Pillar 3:

Build a campaign that will exert pressure on the US and the EU governments to uphold labor rights and environmental standards in their extractive industry contract processes in the DRC. As such we will:

Ø Pressure the World Bank and OECD governments to review their contracts and uphold international standards

Ø Explore having the EU trade commission to have a hearing on the role and policy of EU based companies that have contracts in Congo.

Ø Explore the possibility of convening an intergovernmental panel of arbitration of specialists to receive complaints, analyze reports, and make recommendations

Ø Explore the possibility of the World Bank convening a Special Panel to examine their investment in DRC based development aimed extractive projects

Ø Nominate one DRC operational corporation for the 2008 Public Eye award; awarded to for human rights, labor rights, tax or environmental malfeasants

Ø Educate and mobile civil society in the US and EU to take action using the following dates as possible leverage points:

Ø Develop a corporate target and campaign which will use investor based and grassroots strategies to exert leverage on companies operating in the DRC



GOALS: The Major Goals of Pillar I are:

1) To advocate for the full funding of the Humanitarian Action Plan for the D.R. Congo for 2007

2) To promote bilateral and multilateral funding for humanitarian programs and other financial assistance to the D.R. Congo

3) To encourage private donations and charitable giving to humanitarian programs in the D.R. Congo


Through advocacy, education and grassroots activities, we hope to increase awareness of the grave security issues in the DR Congo among high-level decision-makers in the United Nations and our own governments. Pillar II of Congo Global Action has four explicit goals:

· Renew and sustain MONUC mandate

· Achieve disarmament of militia groups

· Defend women and educate men about rape

· Restore childhood to war-affected children


Build a campaign that will exert pressure on the US and the EU governments to uphold labor rights and environmental standards in their extractive industry contract processes in the DRC.

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