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MONUC Update

Below is the letter we faxed and emailed on February 1st to members of the Security Council and the Secretary General. Thanks to all who signed onto the letter, we had about 20 organizations of all sizes and types sign on! Feel free to edit it according to your views or your organization's views, and keep sending it. Below the letter is a list of contact information for UN SC members.

This letter is now being edited into a version that will be sent to the US State Department and other government offices. We will send that out for sign-on in the next two weeks. Other versions are being drafted that will go to the EU, the AU, and the DRC government.

An Arria formula is scheduled for February 15th, so representatives from a few NGOs will be able to have a private meeting with the Security Council.

Dear Ambassador,
We, the Congo Global Action, are a collection of humanitarian, human rights, environmental and faith-based organizations, students, Congolese Diaspora and grassroots organizations. With a membership base of over half a million people, our organizations are coming together to advocate for the Democratic Republic of Congo and to urge increased local and international response.
One of our key points is to advocate for the renewal and expansion of MONUC (the UN peace-keeping force in the DR Congo) and security sector reform.
It is widely known to our organizations and our members in the DR Congo that the national army and armed militias remain the most prominent perpetrators of human rights violations today. Their tactics and methods create acute humanitarian crises and contribute to the displacement of civilians, especially during harvest times. These tactics only serve to compound the human suffering in the Eastern portion of the country today.
It is, therefore, crucial that MONUC remain in the DR Congo, and their new mandate focuses on the following priorities:
  1. MONUC must concentrate its efforts to train the National Army and Civilian Police on the international standards, including human rights and humanitarian responsibilities that they are sworn to protect.
  1. MONUC must do all it can to assist the DR Congo to achieve the necessary skills and capacity at all government levels to address conflict without a return to arms and further human suffering.
  1. MONUC must exert political pressure and work with the newly elected government to ensure that any human rights violations or abuses to civilians by police, the national army and/or other armed militias are deemed illegal and unacceptable and that all perpetrators will be held accountable. MONUC must play a key role in ending the impunity that currently pervades DR Congo.
  1. MONUC must report publicly on arms trafficking in DR Congo. The United Nations presence in the DR Congo is in the best position to highlight violations of the arms embargo and the trade of illegal arms. They must take the necessary action to end the flow of arms and put in place mechanisms that ensure safeguards against further illicit weapons trade.
The above actions, combined with the imposition of MONUC’s exit strategy must be linked to measurable improvements in the lives of Congolese people. We believe that the UN’s actions in combination with the Congo government’s support will result in eliminating acts of violence committed on civilians in the future.
Now is the time for the United Nations Security Council to support the DR Congo by strengthening and extending MONUC’s mandate. The extreme conditions in the DRC require determined and well planned intervention by MONUC and the entire International Community.
We, the undersigned organizations, urge the United Nations Security Council to strengthen and expand MONUC’s mandate in order to effect an unprecedented change during the most crucial period in the history of DR Congo.
Africa Faith and Justice Network
Air Serv International
Bureau Voluntariat Enfants et Santé
CARE International
Coalition Pluraliste des Patriotes Congolais
Congo Coalition
Congolese American Council for Peace and Development
Congolese Community of Southern California
Empowering Humanity One by One
Franciscans International
Friends of the Congo
Giving Back Africa
Initiatives Femmes Enfants et Developpement
International Foundation for Elections Systems
International Rescue Committee
National Peace Corps Association – Friends of Congo
Open Society Policy Center
Save the DRC
Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur
World Vision International

Security Council Member Contact Information:

Security Council Contact info:


John Verbeke

Telephone: (212) 378-6300
Telefax: (212) 681-7618/7619


Wang Guangya

Telephone: (212) 655-6100
Telefax: (212) 634-7626
Telefax: (212) 481-2998 (Ambassador Wang’s Office), (212) 634-7625 (Political Section), (212) 220-6543 (Press Section)


Basil Ikouebe

elephone: (212) 832-6553/6582
Telefax: (212) 832-6558


Jean-Marc de la Sabliere

Telephone: 212-308-5700
Telefax: (212) 421-6889
Telefax: (212) 207-8765 (Political Affairs), (212) 486-9120 (Economic and Financial Affairs), 355-2763 (Press Section), (212) 308-0960 (Administrative Section), (212) 319-9634 (Francophonie/Elections)


Nana Effah-Apenteng

Telephone: (212) 832-1300
Telefax: (212) 751-6743


Rezlan Ishar Jenie

Telephone: (212) 972-8333
Telefax: (212) 972-9780

Email :


Marcello Spatafora

Telephone: (212) 486-9191, (646) 840-5300
Telefax: (212) 486-1036


Ricardo Alberto Arias

Telephone: (212) 557-5001
Telefax: (212) 557-5009


Jorge Voto Bernales

Telephone: (212) 687-3336
Telephone: (212) 277-8457 (Press Matters)
Telefax: (212) 972-6975


Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser

Telephone: (212) 486-9335/9336
Telefax: (212) 758-4952, 308-5630
Telefax: (212) 953-2947 (Security Council)
E-mail: (Security Council)

Russian Federation

Vitaly Churkin

Telephone: (212) 861-4900/4901
Telefax: (212) 628-0252, 517-7427


Peter Burian

Telephone: (212) 286-8880
Telefax: (212) 286-8419

South Africa

Dumisani S. Kumalo

Telephone: (212) 213-5583
Telefax: (212) 692-2498

United Kingdom

Emyr Jones Parry

Telephone: (212) 745-9200
Telefax: (212) 745-9316

United States

Alejandro Daniel Wolff

Telephone: (212) 415-4000
Telefax: (212) 415-4443
Telefax: (212) 415-4341 (Economic Section), (212) 415-4162 (Host Country Affairs), (212) 415-4209 (Legal Affairs), (212) 415-4415 (Political Section), (212) 415-4053 (Press and Public Affairs), (212) 415-4183 (Management Reform), (212) 415-4069 (US Mission Protocol Office)

Ban Ki-Moon's contact information is:

Tel. 212-963-7162

Fax. 212-963-7055


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